Lidia Rozdilsky

Simply put, I am Allie and Sophie's mom, originally from Bulgaria, proud American. My biggest calling is my family and children. I support my family's goals in living wholesome and purposeful lives whilst raising responsible, curious children who strive to be an asset to their communities. In between training my daughters in rhythmic gymnastics I also

  • Homeschool

  • Paint

  • Write

  • Sew Leotards

  • Cook

  • Grow in Faith

This page is our attempt to present our passionate work to people who are touched by what we do, think, and experience.

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Alexandra Rozdilsky

  • Rhythmic Gymnast

  • Yoga Model

  • Voice Actor

  • Homeschooled Althlete

  • Math whiz

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Sophia Rozdilsky

  • Rhythmic Gymnast

  • Ballet Dancer

  • Fashion Model

  • Writer

  • Homeschooled Athlete



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Gynastics Nomads

We are gymnastics nomads.  We travel the world spreading joy and beauty.

Our family is involved in numerous artistic and sports pursuits which include rhythmic gymnastics, art, voice acting, modelling, yoga modelling, and talent training.